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A Unique Tool to Manage Your Business.

Whether you work alone, in a team, or with a multitude of partners.



Free forever !
  • Assignment planning and availability management
  • iOS and Android mobile app for viewing schedules
  • Booking reservations for partner accounts
  • Integration tools for third-party websites
  • Finance
  • Invoicing
  • Email support
  • Emails to your clients sent from ‘’



per month, excl. taxes, no commitment
  • All of the GO plan benefits +
  • Automated reservation logistics: sending confirmations, reminders, changes, cancellations…
  • Booking and sales through your resellers and partner organizations
  • Flexible pricing with options and equipment management
  • Customer management

BUSINESSBest seller


per month, excl. taxes, no commitment
  • All of the PRO plan benefits +
  • Management of resources and supervising professionals (up to 20 professionals)
  • Calculation of professional fees
  • Invoicing, availability, and individual calendar for each professional
  • Customizable forms for reservations
  • Advanced analytics and data export for accounting or CRM



per month, excl. taxes, no commitment
  • All of the BUSINESS plan benefits +
  • Active support by phone
  • Client emails sent from your email address



excl. taxes, starting from...
  • Unique pricing and billing for all affiliated accounts
  • The GALAXY plan allows you to set up a collection of Activiteez BUSINESS, PRO, or GO (partner) accounts linked to the main account and inheriting various elements from the main account.
  • •Consolidated entries on the main account
  • •Shared customer base
  • •Creation of affiliated accounts from the main account

* For PRO, BUSINESS, and GOLD plans, a 2% commission in addition to Stripe fees is applied to online payments received. No commission is charged on reservations that do not involve online payments. The commission is deducted from the amount remitted to the service provider. The commission increases to €0.40 + 10% for GO plans in case of online payment. A tiered commission rate is possible based on volumes. Please contact us for more information.


All online tools and resources allow for complete autonomy in handling and integration.

Free support via email or through the Activiteez forum is available for PRO and BUSINESS plans. Response times may vary depending on the availability of our teams.

Individual assistance by phone, integration by our team, or specific training is also possible based on our support packages, a specific contract, or within the GOLD plan. Please contact us for more information.

Our Support Packages and Services

Starter Pack

  • Accelerated onboarding for activity programming, reservation, and configuration.
  • Two 45-minute video conference sessions for presentation and Q&A.
  • Ongoing support for programming, reservation, and specific configuration of your activities by phone during the first two months.


excluding taxes, when starting

Active Support

  • Telephone support for questions about features and the interface,
  • Account setup support,
  • Support for activity configuration and pricing options,
  • Reservation assistance,
  • Entry lookup and various verifications,
  • Support for accounting entries and options.


per month, excl. taxes

Web Integration

  • Integration of the booking module on your website by our team,
  • Up to 5 different booking modules


for 5 modules, excl. taxes

Closing Exercise

  • Setting up the account closing procedure,
  • Configuring reports and statements for a step-by-step closure,
  • Setting up a report for optimal accounting export,
  • Active phone support for one month.


per closing, excl. taxes

Miscellaneous (based on quotation)

  • Setup or customization of your account by our engineers,
  • Implementation of a specific accounting or analytical plan,
  • Custom reports,
  • Export formats,
  • Importing client files,
  • Preparation of formats for importing bank statements for bank reconciliation,
  • Setting up gift vouchers,
  • Development of custom forms,
  • Creating your catalog of standard activities.


per hour, excl. taxes

Our clients are our best advertisement.

“Activiteez allows us to manage client reservations on a single interface and confirm their attendance at an event, which reassures them!”

André BernardPrésident du Bureau des Guides Cassis Calanques

“Starting my business was exciting and challenging. Since I started using Activiteez, managing my schedule and accepting reservations 24/7 has become super easy and quick. Now, I can focus on finding extraordinary trails for my clients’ hikes!”

Frank RotgerMoniteur de marche nordique

“Activiteez is an easy-to-use web service that I quickly got the hang of. It provides a simple and appealing image of my business to my clients. My web space allows my clients to learn more about our offerings and book directly 24/7.”

Philippe GiorsMoniteur de kayak

Don't wait any longer, discover how Activiteez can simplify your life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Activiteez?

Activiteez is a simple service designed to help independent professionals manage their schedules, handle reservations, and promote their activities. By taking care of these cumbersome tasks, Activiteez allows all independent professionals, small, and medium-sized businesses to develop their activities with a 24/7 available service at an affordable price. Activiteez helps you save time to boost your business and become more competitive.


How can Activiteez help me?

Activiteez simplifies your life by relieving you of the administrative part of your activity related to reservations (24/7 online booking desk, deposit collection, delegation to resellers, availability communication…) and by automating a large part of the organizer’s logistics (client reminders, rescheduling, resource allocation, confirmations, invoicing, tickets, detailed information…).


How much costs Activiteez service?

Activiteez offers three options: a free option called Activiteez GO and two paid options, Activiteez PRO and Activiteez BUSINESS.

Activiteez GO is a free and no-commitment offer that allows you to access the basic functions of Activiteez with complete freedom:

  • Management of activity schedules
  • Self-managed reservations and 24/7 online store
  • Promotion, publication, and sharing of your online catalog on your own site or via

With the Activiteez GO plan, online paid reservations incur a service fee of 0.4 cents plus 10% of the amount. These fees cover administrative, payment, and 24/7 support costs for you and your clients, as well as unlimited use of Activiteez GO services. Direct reservations made by yourself are completely free.

Activiteez PRO or Activiteez BUSINESS?

Activiteez PRO is designed for independent professionals and individual users. For only €29 per month, you get access to all the tools to manage your activity, including schedule management, reservations, and promotional tools.

  • Create and manage your activity schedule in minutes.
  • 360-degree reservation management and equipment management with rental options.
  • This version also allows for reservations and sales through resellers and partner organizations with unlimited access, as well as commission calculations.
  • Publish and share your activity catalog online on your own site or via
  • Includes cash register management and invoicing tools.

With Activiteez PRO and BUSINESS, online paid reservations incur a service fee of €0.25 plus 3.4% of the amount. Reservations without online payment, made by you, your partners, or your clients, are free.

Activiteez BUSINESS is intended for teams, small to medium-sized businesses that require resource management, professional supervision, or management of rooms and facilities, among other needs. For only €49 per month, you get access to all the PRO version tools to manage your organization, including schedule management, reservations, and promotional tools, with unlimited access for managing professional supervisors.

  • Manage the availability and allocation of your contributors and resources.
  • Create an account for each professional in your network.
  • View and share the individual schedules of each contributor.
  • Allocate resources for each activity, and activate automatic notifications for each contributor (departures, registrants, changes…).
  • Communicate with your contributors and resources through the interface via email or text.
  • Fee calculation and invoicing.