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Activiteez’ Terms and Conditions 10/01/2022

1. Definitions

Each of the terms mentioned below will have the following meanings in these General Terms of Use for the ACTIVITEEZ Service (hereinafter referred to as the “CGU”):

    • Annonce: Refers to the collection of elements and data (visual, textual, auditory, photographs, drawings) submitted by a User under their exclusive editorial responsibility. These elements are used to offer, rent, or sell a product or service.
    • Activité: Essentially the same as an “Annonce.”
    • Compte: Encompasses all data deposited by a user under a single account identifier. This includes information related to the account, announcements, reservation data, additional reservation-related information, customer data, and any other data entered or loaded during account usage.
    • Agent / Partenaire: Individuals designated by an Advertiser to handle reservations on their behalf and collect payments. Optionally, an agent or partner can schedule activities on the account they’ve been designated for. Agents/partners can open a free account to view and manage reservations on the organizer’s account.
    • Ressource / Moniteur: Individuals or elements designated by an Advertiser and can be assigned to an activity by the Advertiser. Resources/monitors can open a free account to view the activities assigned to them on the organizer’s account.
    • Annonceur or Utilisateur: Refers to any natural or legal person established in France (including the DOM, excluding Mayotte) and having an account on the Activiteez website.
    • CGU: Stands for “Conditions Générales d’Utilisations” (General Terms of Use) for Activiteez services. It also extends to any service sold through Activiteez as an Agent or by SLJ Conseil.
    • SLJ Conseil: Refers to the company that publishes and operates the Internet site and the Activiteez service. SLJ Conseil is an SARL with a capital of 100 Euros, registered with the Marseille Trade and Companies Register under number 750 494 965, with its registered office located at 805 chemin des côtes – 13600 Ceyreste.
    • Stripe: Refers to the online payment infrastructure integrated into the Activiteez service. All online payments are processed and managed by according to’s CGU.
    • Service client: Designates the SLJ CONSEIL service where the Advertiser can obtain additional information. This service can be contacted via email by clicking the link on the website or using the address SLJ Conseil’s customer service does not handle advertiser clients, who must manage their own customer service.
    • Services ACTIVITEEZ: Refers to the services made available to Users and Advertisers on the Internet site, as described in Article 3.1 of the CGU.
    • Site Internet: Refers to the website operated by SLJ CONSEIL, primarily accessible from the URL It allows Users and Advertisers to access ACTIVITEEZ services via the Internet, as described in the CGU.
    • Utilisateur: Refers to any visitor who accesses the ACTIVITEEZ Service via the website or another website integrating the Site Internet’s technologies, consulting the ACTIVITEEZ Service accessible through various platforms.

2. Subject

These General Terms of Use (CGU) establish the contractual conditions applicable to any subscription by an Advertiser to a free or paid service through the Activiteez website. They also apply to any visitor purchasing a service through Activiteez as an Agent, provided that the service organizer has not defined their own specific General Terms and Conditions that would supersede these CGU.

3. Acceptance

Any subscription to a free or paid offer or option(s) by an Advertiser constitutes full acceptance of the current CGU.

Furthermore, by using Activiteez services, an Advertiser agrees that these CGU will prevail in case of conflict between these CGU and their own General Terms and Conditions.

Any purchase by a User of a service through Activiteez acting as an Agent—when the service organizer has not defined their own specific General Terms and Conditions or if those are in conflict with the present CGU—constitutes full acceptance of the current CGU.

The CGU, including rates, may evolve. In the event of changes to the CGUs, service users may request termination of their subscription for the next period.

4. Subscription Terms

4.1 General Rules

The “Go” offer is free for reasonable use of the service.

Subscribing to more than one “Go” account is subject to a fee.

Subscribing to an offer other than “Go” is also subject to a fee. However, as an exception, the first month of using a so-called paid offer may be free at the discretion of SLJ Conseil, as part of an evaluation with the goal of subsequent paid subscription by a user.

SLJ CONSEIL reserves the right to delete a “Go” account along with its associated data if the account remains unused for 2 consecutive months. Additionally, SLJ CONSEIL may block any free or paid account if it is used abusively or for illegal or unethical purposes.

A paid option is subscribed to for a specific account. Consequently, it is not possible to transfer the benefit of a paid option to another account.

Users can subscribe to multiple paid options for the same account, either simultaneously or not.

The subscription of one or more paid option(s) is accessible to all Users via the website. However, certain options are only accessible and implemented after acceptance by SLJ Conseil and the establishment of a specific contract.

Activiteez services are subject to a 20% VAT. If not specified, the displayed prices are inclusive of VAT.

The price of each paid option varies based on the type of option and duration. The pricing grid for paid options is available on the activiteez website on the day of subscription.

In case of subscription suspension followed by resumption, the price of paid options and the applicable CGU will be those in effect on the day of resuming the subscription.

4.2 Subscription Space and Time

To subscribe to an offer, the user must authenticate either using a Google ID, or by creating an Activiteez ID.

Creating an Activiteez ID is free and can be done using a valid email address. Authentication is then done by using the email address as the identifier along with a password sent to the user or chosen by them. The initially sent password can later be changed.

Creating an Activiteez ID implies acceptance of the CGU.

At any time, it is possible to request the deletion of an email address or all data associated with an account from the email identifiers database. To do so, contact Once this data is erased, it cannot be restored.

Specific data from a paid account may not be retained beyond 1 month after the termination of the paid option or the cessation of payment for that option.

The term “Go” refers to free accounts for monitors or resources associated with Pro or business accounts, as well as partners of these same accounts.

The term “Pro Services” designates simple services for a single resource. Pro services can include partners but not resources or monitors.

The term “Business Services” refers to services that allow the designation of multiple resources or linked pro or business accounts.

The term “Gold Services” encompasses “Business Services” along with the addition of specific options for a given client.

4.3 Subscription Duration, Effect of Paid Option(s), and Prices

The subscription to the Go service is free. The Go subscription has a duration of 1 year. It is automatically renewed upon expiration under the conditions in effect at the time of renewal. SLJ CONSEIL may suspend or cancel it at its discretion if the service (updating announcements or making reservations) is not used for two consecutive months.

The Go service exists in several versions for use by contributors with business accounts, partners with professional or business accounts, or simple advertisers.

Using online payment requires the advertiser to open a Stripe account. Stripe is a payment intermediary authorized to collect payments on behalf of third parties and distribute the collected amounts and commissions to various parties, including Activiteez. Stripe’s general terms of use apply to all online payments, including associated fees and disbursements. Activiteez is neither the processor nor responsible for online payments and cannot be held liable for payment or disbursement operations. A referral commission is paid directly to Activiteez by Stripe.

When using online payment functions in conjunction with the Go service, a commission of €0.4 per transaction, plus 10% of sales collected by Activiteez, is deducted.

Paid subscription options are effective for the duration covered by the payment.

For certain options, it is possible to set up automatic monthly payments. In this case, the subscription becomes ineffective if monthly payments are interrupted. However, if there is a commitment period for an option and that period has not expired, residual payments remain due until the end of the commitment period.

The price for subscribing to the Pro option is €29 (excluding tax) or €34.8 (including tax) per month. It is non-binding. When using online payment functions, additional transaction fees from the payment partner are directly charged, along with a 2% commission on sales collected by Activiteez as a referral partner.

The price for subscribing to the Business option is €49 (excluding tax) or €58.8 (including tax) per month. It is non-binding. When using online payment functions, additional transaction fees from the payment partner are directly charged, along with a 2% commission on sales collected by Activiteez as a referral partner.

The price for subscribing to the Gold option is €99 (excluding tax) or €118.8 (including tax) per month and cannot be subscribed for less than 12 months. When using online payment functions, additional transaction fees from the payment partner are directly charged, along with a 2% commission on sales collected by Activiteez as a referral partner.

The prices of other options not described in the terms and conditions are determined by SLJ CONSEIL and may be presented or established directly on the Activiteez website or upon request, based on factors such as size, volume, frequency, number of users, or any other relevant criteria.

4.4 Refund and Withdrawal

Individual advertisers who have subscribed to one or more paid options or private visitors purchasing a service through Activiteez have the right to withdraw within seven (7) clear days from the subscription to paid options, in accordance with Article L 121-20 of the Consumer Code. They can exercise their right of withdrawal by contacting SLJ CONSEIL’s Customer Service. Upon receipt of the withdrawal notice, SLJ CONSEIL will proceed with the refund of the relevant order, either by check or bank transfer, within 30 days.

However, advertisers acknowledge that they cannot withdraw and request a refund once SLJ CONSEIL has begun executing the order (such as programming an activity or making a reservation as an agent or on behalf of an agent).

Private visitors also recognize that they cannot withdraw and request a refund once the organizer has started executing the service or after the service has been provided.

5. Description of Paid Options

5.1 Pro Option

This option can be subscribed to via the website.

In addition to the possibilities of direct programming and booking by clients, this option allows granting access to third parties (agents or partners) to book directly through the website on behalf of the organizer.

The Pro option enables simple management of the advertiser’s client base, sorting and searching for clients, and exporting search results in CSV format, along with any other functionality provided and authorized by SLJ Conseil as part of the ongoing service evolution. This evolution may involve removing certain obsolete features.

The maximum number of agents or partners allowed per Pro account is 20. Adding additional partners or agents may incur extra charges.

Advertisers remain solely responsible for the access granted to their agents.

5.2 Business Option

This option can also be subscribed to via the website.

Subscribing to the Business option is equivalent to subscribing to the Pro option in terms of all usage conditions. It includes all the features of the Pro option, plus the following:

  • Resource management.
  • Client and subscription management.
  • The ability to specify additional fields for clients or reservations.

Additionally, any other functionality provided and authorized by SLJ Conseil as part of the ongoing service evolution may be included. This evolution may involve removing certain obsolete features.

5.3 Online Payment Options

This option is available to all Pro and Business accounts. The first use of the payment option by an advertiser constitutes subscription to the online payment option.

This option allows setting up partial or full payment for an activity by a final client to an advertiser. The setup, collection, and implementation of the payment process are executed by Stripe on behalf of the advertiser.

By subscribing to this option, the advertiser declares and guarantees that they are legally authorized to sell and invoice the services described in their advertisements.

The price of this option varies based on the offers and can be adjusted according to the monthly usage volume of this option. A variable commission based on the price and subscribed offer is deducted by Stripe on its own behalf and on behalf of Activiteez.

5.4 Business Referral Agreement

By subscribing to the online payment option, the advertiser designates and accepts, under the conditions described in the SLJ Conseil terms and conditions, to act as a business referral agent for their activities. The advertiser also authorizes Stripe to collect payments for the activities that they market through the Activiteez service.

SLJ Conseil retains the right to decline the designation as an agent and not validate this option if the information provided during registration is inaccurate or if the nature of the potential advertisements seems inappropriate.

5.5 Disbursement of Collected Amounts

The disbursement of amounts collected by Stripe through Activiteez is exclusively the responsibility of Stripe. The terms of use for the Stripe service apply, and SLJ Conseil cannot be held liable for any operations managed or performed by Stripe.

Stripe collects the total amount from online payments and subsequently transfers it directly to the advertiser’s bank account, minus Stripe and Activiteez commissions. The transaction history from Stripe can be accessed directly from the advertiser’s Stripe account on A summary of commissions is available from the advertiser’s Activiteez account.

Disbursement of amounts collected by Stripe through Activiteez is exclusively done via bank transfer to a French bank account.

The timeframe for disbursement by Stripe may vary but is typically completed within a few days. In certain cases, and in compliance with anti-money laundering laws in EU countries, Stripe may request legal documents from the advertiser (including proof of identity) to continue processing disbursements. This may result in the temporary suspension of disbursements until the necessary documents are obtained and verified. Stripe directly contacts the advertiser, and SLJ Conseil is neither involved nor informed during this process.


Upon motivated request from the organizer through the administration interface, email, or mail, Stripe may refund clients designated by the organizer for a service that has been collected but not yet disbursed to the organizer.

5.6 Installation, Integration, Training, and Support

The entire service is installed and configured autonomously by the user or the advertiser. Unless there is a specific contract or mandate, SLJ Conseil does not directly intervene in the installation, integration, training, or support of the “activiteez” service.

Online support is available on the website

5.6.1 Free Support

Free email support is provided for Pros and Business offers. Responses to emails are based on the availability of SLJ Conseil experts for each type of question. The response time for questions may vary from a few hours to several days.

Only email responses are provided; no phone callbacks are offered.

5.6.2 Paid Support

Upon request, SLJ Conseil can provide specific support via phone or on-site for installation, training, or assistance with using the service. Such support is subject to a contract and specific billing, which must be accepted by the user beforehand. Paid support is only provided during the subscription period.

Phone support is available Monday to Friday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, excluding holidays. A support contract is limited to a cumulative 3 hours of telephone conversation or remote account management (excluding technical issue resolution related to the Activiteez service and SLJ Conseil’s responsibility) by a member of the support team. Any time spent beyond this limit may be billed at €50 per hour (exclusive of taxes).

SLJ Conseil reserves the right to cancel the support contract at any time in case of abusive use. In case of cancellation, the price of the support option will be refunded for the unused period.

5.6.3 Support Scope

The support cannot address questions beyond its competence.

Support exclusively covers functional aspects of “activiteez” and cannot intervene with account data.

Support cannot cover secretarial functions or direct management of end customers of advertisers.

In particular, support does not cover:

  • Access, search, or explanation of entries, payments, customer accounts, or reservations specific to an account.
  • Access, search, or explanation of entries, payments, customer accounts, or reservations on the Stripe account specific to an account.
  • Programming or modification of activities.
  • Configuration changes to accounts.
  • Integration of the service on a website.
  • Development of new features.

Support does not cover training and cannot provide advice on accounting, tax, legal, or management aspects.

6. Prices

The prices are expressed in euros.

The price for each paid option is the one in effect on the day of subscription by the Advertiser. It is expressed excluding taxes.

SLJ CONSEIL reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, as well as the content of offers not yet subscribed to.

Advertisers set the prices for their activities themselves.

The applied rates are those in effect on the day of validation of the option subscription by the Advertiser or when booking an activity in the case of a visitor.

7. Payment and Invoicing

The price is due upon the purchase of the activity reservation by a visitor or upon the subscription to each paid option, or at the time of service execution by the Advertiser for the option designating SLJ Conseil as an Agent.

All invoices are sent by email to the address provided during registration or in the organizer’s profile.

8. Execution of Services, Liability, Force Majeure


By subscribing to the Activiteez service, the Advertiser guarantees their complete abilities, declares compliance with laws and regulations governing their activities, their promotion, and their execution, including image rights and copyrights. The Advertiser assumes full responsibility for the promotion, organization, and execution of their Listings.

In the case of SLJ Conseil being designated as an agent, the Advertiser understands that SLJ Conseil acts solely as an agent for their activities and only collects money paid by the Client through its services on behalf of the Advertiser, without acting as a seller of the content of the listing.

The Advertiser therefore declares that they fully bear any claims or discussions with Clients.

The Advertiser commits to providing all services they list on the site and for which a number of available spots is indicated.


By purchasing a service through Activiteez, the visitor understands that SLJ Conseil, through its Activiteez service, acts as a payment agent and is in no way responsible for the content of the listings it publishes or the execution of activities presented on the site. The visitor agrees to independently verify the skills and content of what they purchase and to address any disputes related to activity realization, price, content, or the organizer’s skills directly with the organizer. The visitor has a right of withdrawal as described in Article 4.

The responsibility of SLJ CONSEIL cannot be engaged in case of non-performance or improper performance of the order, either due to the Advertiser or due to a force majeure event.

SLJ Conseil cannot be held responsible in any way for the execution of services or Listings presented in Activiteez, on its site, or on any site including an Activiteez account, or for which SLJ is designated as an Agent. This applies to the content of the service, its quality, its price, its execution, or any consequences thereof.

9. Service Availability

The service is available, notably through the services of OVH, Mailjet, Google, Facebook, GoCardLess, or Stripe for certain options. The availability of the service is directly linked to the availability of the OVH, Mailjet, Google (Map, Mail, Account), Facebook, GoCardLess, and Stripe services.

In case of interruption or malfunction of the Activiteez service, SLJ Conseil commits to making all reasonable efforts to restore proper service functioning as quickly as possible.

10. Personal Data Protection (GDPR)

SLJ Conseil respects the privacy of its users and clients and ensures that all information collected is treated as confidential.

The collection of information is essential for providing services related to reservations, accounting, and subscription management. Personal information is retained for the legal retention period and is intended for individuals necessary for processing within the company, as well as subcontractors, provided that the contract between subcontractors and SLJ Conseil specifies the obligations related to data security and confidentiality (Article 28 of the European Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data EU 2016/679).

Account data is stored on servers hosted by our partner OVH in Europe and in Germany for backup servers. Backups are kept for 2 years or 10 years for financial data of clients who have subscribed to the secure cash option.

Sensitive payment data is processed and managed exclusively by our payment partner and is neither known nor stored by SLJ Conseil.

In accordance with the European Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data EU 2016/679 (GDPR), the Client has the right to access their data, request rectification, erasure, request processing limitation, object, or request data portability by contacting:

The Client also has the right to lodge a complaint with the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority). By accepting these General Terms of Sale, the Client agrees to provide their email address, postal coordinates, and phone number to SLJ CONSEIL.

11. Modification of Terms and Conditions

SLJ CONSEIL reserves the right to modify all or part of the Terms and Conditions at any time.

Advertisers and visitors are encouraged to regularly consult the Terms and Conditions to be aware of any changes.

12. Miscellaneous Provisions

If any part of the Terms and Conditions were to be illegal, invalid, or unenforceable for any reason, the relevant provisions would be deemed unwritten, without affecting the validity of the other provisions that will continue to apply between Advertisers and SLJ CONSEIL, unless it was an essential and decisive clause that led one of the Parties to subscribe to the paid option.

Any claims should be addressed to SLJ CONSEIL’s Customer Service.

The Terms and Conditions are subject to French law.