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Surf Schools

Do you run a surf school and manage your own business, as a freelancer, or maybe you have employees? Are you looking for a simple tool to speed up managing your schedule, booking reservations, or invoicing your clients? Activiteez allows you to focus on your expertise and saves you time on planning, booking, confirmation, invoicing, fee calculation, and recording entries for accounting… In short, a mini ERP for simplified management!

Create Activities and Schedule the Entire Season at High Speed

  • Create and schedule your activities with simple drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Create reusable activity templates, packages, or gift vouchers.
  • Access an overview of activities, occupancy, and schedules in a single intuitive interface.
  • Define standard activities, set up categories, add images and attachments, and geolocate.
  • Specify booking methods, offer category-based pricing, options, and capacities.
  • Use specific forms for registration…

360-Degree Booking Management

  • Decide on the booking method: handled exclusively by you or directly by the client, with or without payment.
  • Set an option and have it automatically confirmed after online payment. Open and manage a waiting list.
  • Allow partners to book directly on your behalf with a free Activiteez account.
  • Define specific forms for booking: size, weight, meeting location…
  • Activiteez handles all administrative tasks: sending tickets, confirmations, changes, cancellations, payment management, invoice issuance and sending, reminders via email or SMS.

Your Online Activity Catalog

  • Publish and integrate your activities and those of your partners on your own website, on network partners’ sites, or via Activiteez. All your activities are visible and bookable in the form of a catalog, on a map, or in a schedule.
  • Keep stocks or availability updated in real time.
  • Delegate the booking or even the scheduling of certain activities.
  • Set up and manage gift vouchers.

Your Accounting in One Click

  • Manage client payments and invoicing.
  • Add sales and expenses.
  • Customize the chart of accounts.
  • Export data for your management software or for your accountant.

Management of Networks, Resellers, and Partners

  • Open a linked account in one click for network participants.
  • Provide different access levels to each reseller, organizer, or partner, allowing them to schedule, book, or resell activities.

Manage Your Products, Contributors, and Resources

  • Create your activities, packages, or gift vouchers. Place your products on the schedule or without a specific date, and offer them on your own website or a dedicated Activiteez page.
  • View and manage the schedules of each contributor, their availability, and rotations.
  • Allocate resources and adjust them with simple drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Open a free individual calendar for each member, accessible via the iOS or Android app, or any web browser.
  • Automatically notify about assignments and bookings.

Automatically Calculate Fee Notes or Timesheets

  • Define the remuneration method for each activity, refining it based on time spent, number of clients, or revenue from the activity.
  • Generate fee notes and timesheets.
  • Invoice on behalf of third parties and manage payments to service providers.

Create Your Dashboard, Manage Your Finances

  • Visualize and analyze your bookings, cancellations, payments, invoices… Sort, group, print, and send: everything is accessible through your Activiteez interface.
  • Enter expenses and add revenue.
  • Manage receipts and outstanding payments…

Manage Your Cash Register

  • Use Activiteez as a cash register software, manage your various payment methods, and perform bank reconciliation.
  • Manage your inventory.
  • Provide your subscribed or premium clients with direct access to their schedules or tickets.

Don't wait any longer, discover how Activiteez can simplify your life!

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